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memories with friends!


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with friends

Share and get photos from moments you have spent
with your friends! We can provide suggestions for the different places you've been with your friends.

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With WAYD you can easily explore moments from places, countries and any location you’ve visited.


Find all your photos in your Library, and share photos from there.

Find suggestions
from visited places

Track places you’ve visited with your friends!
Explore the suggested moments and share photos from different locations with your friends.
Get photos back from your friends, and collect new moments!

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Friendship circle

Invite your friends to join WAYD in just a few seconds.
Create your Friendship Circle and track your
suggested moments from there.

How it works?


Explore photos

Find photos from Map or Library or find your next suggestions on what to share from Friends circle.


Share photos

Select photos you want to share and send them to WAYD friends or invite them to join the WAYD app from photos.


Get photos back!

Get photos back from your friends and a new moment is created!